9DXB Newsticker
Meinen Ticker auf deiner Website einbinden.
Du hilfst mir damit, meine OP's durchzuführen.
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Please take 5 minutes time and read installation instructions carefully and
completely! This will ensure a proper and easy installation.

1. Download and extract the ZIP-File in your subdirectory of the Webspace
https://hb9dxb.nethosting.ch/dxbnt/dxbnt.zip >>> (ex. www.YOUR-URL.ch/myownticker)

2. Make the directory and all files recursive executable (chmod 755)
3. Open www.YOUR-URL.ch/myownticker/code.php
4. Modify the news.txt with your own News, or set a automatic push service to this file
(ex.echo cd settings to file)
5. enjoy it !!!

Spezial-Release Date HB9DXB (DX-Newsticker) Release 2.1 / 21-03-2019
Release Date DX-Newsticker 2.0 : 15-02-2019
Release Date SW-Newsticker 1.0 : 01-10-2009 (from other source modified)

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