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REALTIME Informations - XV9DXB

XV9DXB : QRT/U since march 22 - 2020 after lockdown in Vietnam
I now have CHF 2'000 in debt because the trip home cost over CHF 3'000.
I will now pay back in installments monthly and will not travel
to Vietnam for the next 2 years. Thanks for the support.

QTH: Nha Trang / Loc. OK42OG
Callsign: XV9DXB
Operator: Sven
Dates: 10 March 2020 for a few weeks
Rig: FT 857D
Power: 50-80 Watts
Antennas: 1 monobander vee inverted 20
Bands: 20m
Modes: CW (SSB)
QSL: over EB7DX or postal ov.
Home-Adress in HB9 with 2 USD
Website: https://xv9dxb.nethosting.ch

thanks for supporting

18.01.2020 - 03:40 Z
LAST QRV this month - 18.01.2020 to 21.01.2020 ,
with minimal equipment, 60 watts, 20m, SSB and CW

04.11.2019 - 12:42 UTC
CQWW contest CW XV9DXB is QRV, also bevore and after

Update: 22.10.2019-13:15 UTC
I had QSOs this evening, but the QRN is over S9 at the moment ...

If I manage to put the 20m Vee inverted on the roof (little space and no access to the roof), I am on 40 and 15m QRV from the 17th to the 27th of October.

26.09.2019 - XV9DXB is QRV 20m - from 02.10.2019 for 1 week

18.09.2019 - XV9DXB is inactive (off AIR) after a travel-breakdown ...

3W-DX - Mailadress (I check this only all 7 days) // only for problems with QSL, technical, frequency's ... over hb9dxb-mail not a correspondence can be made tnx & vy 73
xv9dxb (^) nethosting.ch ( (^) = @)

10.06.2019, 06:00 UTC / The mast is there, great guy (boatbuilder). Stainless steel, screwed, damn much weight

02.06.2019, 01:00 UTC / ARRIVED am Zielpunkt, das Hostel wurde an neuen Pächter übergeben (nach meiner Buchung) und hat jetzt einen anderen Namen - shit happens - provisorisch für 3 Tage eingecheckt, ohne möglichen Antennenstandort / UTC 03:00

01.06.2019, 03:00 UTC / mit Verspätung soeben in Saigon (HCMC) gelandet

QTH: Nha Trang / Loc. OK42OG
Callsign: XV9DXB
Operator: Sven
Dates: 02-09 October 2019 and more
Rig: FT 857D
Power: 50-100 Watts
Antennas: 2 monobander vee inverted 20/40
Bands: 20m (40m)
Modes: CW (SSB)
QSL: over EB7DX
Website: https://xv9dxb.nethosting.ch

Die Lizenz, mit dem Rufzeichen XV9DXB , wird per Juni 2019 erteilt.

Ich danke hiermit recht herzlich allen Beteiligten, die dies erst moeglich gemacht haben.


- Knigge fürs Pileup

- QRS, LowPower, QRP, Portable werden bevorzugt behandelt

- DX Code of conduct

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